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Dr. Eric Schulze on solving medical deserts in emerging markets at the FAMxParis

Dr. Eric Schulze speaks at the FAMxParis last May 31st. Dr. Eric presented LifeSys™ as the platform to tackle the issue on the disproportionate distribution of radiologists throughout emerging markets. LifeSys™ is architected to enable distributed enterprise radiology, allowing radiologists to read from anywhere at a lower cost. This solves the problem of medical deserts and improves access to affordable healthcare.

Recognized by French law on December 26, 2013, as a public service organization, the Foundation of the National Academy of Medicine (FAM) has a mission to facilitate access by the greatest number to the best in healthcare, by accelerating the exchange of best medical practices around the world. This work is based on the creation of international collaborations between academies of medicine, medical schools and leading healthcare organizations in the world. As a result, FAM contributes to the expanding role of French medicine around the world.

Lifetrack Medical Systems is led by a team of healthcare and technology veterans from the U.S. and Philippines who have created the first true Distributed Enterprise Radiology platform in the market, the LifeSys™ RIS/PACS. LifeSysTM allows customers to effortlessly scale and integrate their radiology operations seamlessly, enables unprecedented productivity for radiologists, and saves them money every step of the way, making it the most cost-effective enterprise-grade RIS/PACS in the world. LifeSysTM is also able to facilitate an "Alibaba of Radiology" model, connecting patients and radiologists from all over the world, with just a simple flick of a switch.