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Lifetrack is a next-generation PACS solution offered by Lifetrack Medical Systems. It's a truly extensible imaging communication system that enables you to connect and distribute images to your entire practice setup—from the imaging center to the hospital organization, as well as single to multiple sites within one single platform, available anytime, anywhere.

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Lifetrack PACS: Your radiology workflow, when and where you need it

All-in-One Ecosystem

A full suite PACS solution tailored to your individual needs. Custom workflows can be set up directly from the interface to improve efficiency and radiology turnaround time.

Significant Cost Savings

Offers unlimited user access and removes the need for image lifecycle management and additional applications. As a result, Lifetrack significantly reduces the cost of heavy IT infrastructures with notably lower IT hardware and administration requirements.

Report Faster

Using Lifetrack's patented Advanced Configuration Engine, the software conforms to your workflow while improving efficiency and reliability.

Live Support

Lifetrack Medical Systems provides 24/7 365 Live Service and Support worldwide. New version software is updated automatically upon release with no downtime.

See How Lifetrack PACS Works

Get a comprehensive demo of the Lifetrack platform and its features. After all, to see is to believe!


"Lifetrack is the missing link in distributed healthcare."

Francis Tuan Anh Nguyen
Head of Microsoft Health Innovation Lab, Vietnam

"Lifetrack is revolutionary."

Medical Director, Optima Diagnostic, United States

"A very smooth experience!"

With Lifetrack, it was just a very smooth experience. I’m extremely happy with the service I received, from the training and the setup of the system to the fast and responsive technical support.

Harry Sarafian
President, Pegasus Imaging, United States

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