Lifetrack supports a broad ecosystem of healthcare systems through our interfaces, from deep learning vendors, modalities, to radiology systems, and marketplaces of preferred radiologists. Our brokerless HL7 RIS interface allows integration with any HIS and EMR solution to synchronize patient information, cases and diagnoses while reducing manual entry and dramatically reducing administrative load.

Using 256-bit AES encryption and data compression, our DICOM gateways allow unsurpassed resource-efficient and reliable forwarding of medical grade images even in low-bandwidth environments without the need for VPN, P2P connections, or heavy IT infrastructure support. 


Lifetrack PACS is a next-generation radiology solution that allows you to work using your workflow, when and where you need it, while providing significant cost savings.

Using an on-premise, cloud or hybrid deployment model, Lifetrack is rapidly set up in days instead of months. With our included remote gateways, you don’t even need a VPN to start receiving, transmitting and reviewing the images.




Edge Computing on Consumer-Grade Hardware

Lifetrack is architected with edge computing technology to decrease server loads. There is no need for expensive hardware.

Zero Footprint Installation

The Lifetrack viewer is native to the Google-chrome browser. It requires no installations and no plug-ins at any workstation and may be accessed anywhere with a network connection.

Operating System Agnostic

Lifetrack can run on any operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, etc.)

Multiple Language Support

All Lifetrack elements can be localized in any language for deployment anywhere around the world.

Hybrid Cloud Leveraging

Lifetrack RIS/PACS was architected from the ground up to leverage cloud service providers for effortless and inexpensive distribution of images, reports, and knowledge across the enterprise.

AWS Hosting

Lifetrack has dual-core server instances hosted by Amazon Web Services and is engineered to scale up effortlessly and cost-efficiently.


RadNav Technology
US Patent #9,223,482

The Active Templates is an advanced radiology reporting technology. It has the benefits of legacy “canned report templates”, combined with a drag-and-drop tool functionality, and 100% context-sensitive decision support access.


Managing Permissions
US Patent #9,705,931

Advanced Configuration Engine is a standard feature of Lifetrack RIS PACS. Permissions can now be managed effectively, quickly, and efficiently at a fine-grained level. The result is effortless adaptability to any radiology workflow, with significant improvement in security management of patient information.

Referring Physician Portal

Connect the last critical steps of your radiology workflow with Lifetrack's Referring Physician Portal. Allow your referring physicians secure, real-time access to diagnostic-grade images and reports, with the ability to compare patient studies side-by side with existing prior studies. 
The Referring Physician Portal is an easy to use, zero-footprint, web-based platform allowing an unlimited number of concurrent users. It's equipped with a clinical viewer with image manipulation tool and allows users to schedule an exam, create CD files, customize and download worklists, customize case auto-notification alerts, and many more. 

Lifetrack Education

Radiology residency programs are typically done in-person, but COVID-19 has made it imperative to move education online. Lifetrack Education is the only solution that is both simple and cost-effective to conduct remote radiology residency training.

Lifetrack Education overcomes the physical limitations of a traditional onsite radiology residency program by switching key aspects of learning online, without needing to invest heavily in hardware or infrastructure. The platform allows students to view full DICOM images remotely and practice writing reports, under the complete guidance and supervision of trainers, aided by a built-in decision support system specifically designed to improve diagnostic reporting competency. 

Download Lifetrack Education Datasheet

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