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Lifetrack receives CE Mark for LifeSys RIS/PACS

Scaling diagnostic imaging operations across multiple sites when relying on legacy radiology software (RIS/PACS) is a difficult, expensive, and frustrating experience requiring fragmented viewing, reporting, and workflow solutions. For a large chain of hospitals and clinics where a fully digitized, completely integrated, and 100% synchronized diagnostic imaging solution are now necessities, legacy software is no longer fit-for-purpose.

Lifetrack is superseding these legacy systems with its LifeSys RIS/PACS platform, an end-to-end solution for radiology departments and imaging operators. LifeSys is the first truly distributed enterprise radiology platform on the market, allowing customers to effortlessly scale and integrate their radiology operations seamlessly across hundreds of radiologists and clinicians spread across multiple hospitals, imaging centers, and clinics. With patented technology, it enables unprecedented productivity for radiologists whether they're at the hospital, at home, or on the road. It not only simplifies radiology operations for customers but saves them money every step of the way, making LifeSys the most cost-effective enterprise-grade RIS/PACS in the world.

LifeSys is also able to facilitate an "Alibaba of Radiology" model, where a hospital with a large pool of radiologists can receive and diagnose medical images coming from hospitals in underserved markets all over the world who are also using the LifeSys platform, with just a simple flick of a switch.

Eric Schulze MD PhD, Founder and CEO - Lifetrack:
"We are thrilled to receive the CE Mark for LifeSys™ RIS/PACS platform. We are excited to finally extend our software services to our European friends and transform their radiology operations. We've seen LifeSys™ work perfectly in both emerging and developed markets, boost productivity of radiologists, and achieve efficiency in resource management. European healthcare institutions are sure to benefit from our distributed enterprise radiology platform. No other radiology software can do what do."

LifeSys™ is now officially registered by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) and is commercially available for distribution to all EU member states. This follows on from LifeSys™' US FDA Approval in 2017. (Click the link here)

Lifetrack has helped customers integrate their radiology operations from all over the world, including the United States, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Vietnam, and Nigeria. We continue to see our clients improving their productivity metrics and expanding their operations through the use of LifeSys. Because of LifeSys™' new technology, Lifetrack won the overall award for Excellence in Disruptive Technologies in the 2018 FT/IFC Transformational Business Conference and Awards in London last June. (Click the link here)

About Lifetrack: Lifetrack Medical Systems is led by a team of healthcare and technology veterans from the U.S. and Philippines who have created the first truly Distributed Enterprise Radiology platform in the market, the LifeSys™ RIS/PACS. Lifetrack holds two patents from the United States Patent Office and secured US FDA approval and CE Mark for LifeSys™ RIS/PACS.