Radiology Information System and Picture Archiving and Communication System

Your radiology workflow,
when and where you need it

The next generation radiology solution that allows you to work using your workflow,
when and where you need it, while providing significant cost savings.

See what LifeSys can do for you!


LifeSys: the next generation radiology solution for your medical imaging operations.

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What can you do with LifeSys?

Increase business

Increase business.

Multiply diagnostic studies performed.

Scale your business

Scale your business.

LifeSys is ready for you.

Report Faster

Report faster.

Standardize reporting with RadNav Active Templates.

Reduce Anxiety

Reduce patient anxiety.

Provide timely diagnosis.

Read studies and write reports on the go!

Transform the way you do radiology with LifeSys.



LifeTrack Elements_Point-and-Click Templates
LifeTrack Elements_RadVoice

LifeTrack Elements_RadAlerts
LifeTrack Elements_Decision Support System


LifeTrack Elements_RadLink
LifeTrack Elements_Advanced Configurations Engine

LifeTrack Elements_RadDash
LifeTrack Elements_Deep Learning API
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Lifetrack is the missing link in distributed healthcare!

Francis Tuan Anh Nguyen
Head of Microsoft Health Innovation Lab, Vietnam

Lifetrack ensures our FamilyDOC patients receive prompt and accurate radiographic diagnosis at the click of a button. 

Dr. Michael Santos
Medical Director of AC Health, Philippines

I always look at new software and always see all of the shortcomings. With Lifetrack, I saw solutions to so many issues that I accepted would never change. It is so refreshing to see a working radiologist spend so much time and energy to improve something we are all so dependent on. It is everything and Lifetrack is revolutionary.

Medical Director of Optima Diagnostic, USA

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